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This page was designed to disseminate information on the law as cited by the courts of America, also to gather and post information from anyone who has cases they feel of importance on the same subject matter.

All cases on this page are posted by subject matter, although some cases have more than one subject matter of importance cited within. For those who want to share any cases they have, feel free to send an e-mail, include the case AND list the subject matter of the case. I will not be responsible for getting it, editing it and posting it, but I will provide the space and post what you send if I think it is appropriate, in other words NO SPAM. Everything posted on this page will be rotated, if you cannot wait that long then I direct you the the service page.

The below cases are zipped(compressed) and made using Word 97.

FORFEITURE Due Process/Forfeitures
In Re Armstrong
Leon v. Long
People v. One 1941 Chevrolet Coupe
Dyett v. Turner                                 Wadleigh v. Newhall
U.S. v. Rhodes

Aguilar v. Texas
Arizona v. Vault
Barrios-Lomeli v. State of Nevada
Boyd v. United States
Boyd v. US
Byers v. US
California v. Hodari
Carroll v. United States
Carroll v. US
City of Indianapolis v. Edmond
Davis v. Mississippi
Delaware v. Prouse
Fletcher v. Nevada
Florida v. White
Garner v. US
Gomez v. Turner
Hayes v. Florida
Johnson v. City of Evanston
Knowles v. Iowa
Levingston v. Washoe County
McCurdy v. Montgomery County
Nevada v. Harnish
People v. Lidster
Rawlings v. Kentucky
Search and Seizure
Snidach v. Family Finance Corp.
Swoboda v. Dubach
USA v. Como
USA v. Green
USA v. Meulener
USA v. Smith
USA v. Watson
US v. Alvarez-Sanchez
US v. Cortez
US v. Jones
US v. Manuel
US v. Martinez-Fuerte
US v. Montoya
US v. Tweel
Wallace v. Georgia, C&N Ry. Co
FRAUD Fiero v. Johnson
Hazel Atlas v. Hartford Empire Co.
Tindell v. Birkett

Afroyim v. Rusk
Billings v. Hall
Elkins v. US
Federal Crops v. Merril
Hancock v. Elkhorn
Perez v. Board
HABEAS 26 Alr 4th 455
33 Alr 3d 1443
36 Led 2d 1012
39 Amjur 2d Habeas Corpus
Adam v. US
Chicago v. State of Iowa
Exparte Burford
Exparte Wilson
Gegiow v. Uhl
Habeas Corpus Inquiry
Heflin v. US
New York Foundling v. Gatti
Preiser v. Rodriguez
US v. Jutoy
Dolch v. Ramsey
Sterling v. Title Insurance & Trust
25 Amjur 1 Sec 163
427 Highways 25 Amjur 1st
7a Amjur 2d Sec 11
Board of Shelby County v. Castetter
Boyer v. North End Drayage Co. 
Central Illinois Coal Mining Co. v. 
Illinois Power Co.
Davis v. City of Houston
Draffin v. Massey
Florida Motorlines v. Ward
Foster's v. Boise City
Gulf v. Adkinson
Holland v. Shackleford
Kripp v. Curtis
Ohio, Indiana Western Ry v. People
People v. Nothaus
Schlesinger v. City of Atlanta
Shell Oil Co. v. Jackson County
Skinner v. Town of Weathersfield
Spindler v. Toomey
State v. Peirson
State v. Stroud
Stavola v. Palmer
Wild v. Deig
Yale University v. City of New Haven
HUNCH Brook v. Cook
USA v. Gonzalez
USA v. Ienco
USA v. Medina
USA v. Powell
USA v. Rodriguez
USA v. Thomas
USA v. Tillman
Brown v. Texas
Kolender v. Lawson
People of New York v. Maksymenko
People v. Monroe
People v. Solomon
Simmon v. US
State of Kansas v. Latimer
US v. Mendenhall
Vickroy v. City of Springfield
Auman v. School District of Stanley
Forrester v. White
Hafer v. Melo
Langford v. US
Mireles v. Waco
Rabon v. Rowan Memorial Hospital
IN PARI MATERIA English v. State
Goldenstein v. State
State Division Insurance v. State Farm
IN THIS STATE Boswell v. Powell
Words and Phrases
INCLUDE Montello Salt v. Utah
Red Wing Malting v. Willcuts
Bowers Cir v. Kerbaugh
Edwards v. Keith
McCutchin v. Cir
Merchants Loan v. Mietanka
US v. Gross
INDIGENT Edwards v. California
INHABITANT Baldwin v. Franks
Galveston v. Gonzalez
US v. Otherson


Here’s a tid-bit: 

Delinquent: "especially a public officer acting without the scope of his authority"; Websters 1828 Dictionary.