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I present this information for educational purposes only. I do not pretend to be engaged in the profession of offering legal advice, and I am not arrogant enough to even consider claiming that I "Practice Law" (whatever that is). The only thing I do is, read the law, understand the law, and try to inform you of the law, so that we may work together to enforce its operation upon our trustees and fiduciaries of the corporation- our public servants.

Everything published herein after is a product of my research and labor, that all citations of law are a matter of public record and public property which we all have a right to know about, and I challenge you to take nothing for granted without first checking it out. Nothing contained herein can be considered offensive or a danger to national or state security but might be considered dangerous to public servants, for they may be forced to start obeying the law, only if you study it, understand it, apply it and enforce it, and this product of my labor is secured, guaranteed and protected by my Right to publish, and your Right to receive this information, as We the People still have the Right to print and freely speak what we know as real fact, under Article 1 of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution for the United States of America, (Freedom of press, and association). For "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be ... The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe" [Thomas Jefferson]. "The very purpose of the First Amendment is to foreclose public authority from assuming a guardianship of the public mind through regulating the press, speech, and religion. In this field every person must be his own watchman for truth, because the forefathers did not trust any government to separate the true from the false for us." West Virginia State Board Of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624, 63 S.Ct. 1178.


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